Our Education Program

Educate your students on how they can actively reduce violence in their communities.

To spread awareness about the consequences of social violence, Step Back Think runs presentations for schools and community groups. Presentations offer participants the opportunity to:

  • Hear personal stories of social violence
  • Learn about the ripple effect of violence
  • Understand consequences for victims and perpetrators
  • Learn how to actively reduce violence and deal with potentially violent situations

Presentations are run by our Education Officer, Ben O’Toole, who was a victim of social violence in 2007. Through sharing both Ben and James’ stories, showing engaging videos and other interactive elements, the presentation offers a unique and personal insight into the seriousness of social violence.

Book a Presentation

To learn more about the presentation or to book please email Ben at

“It is not an exaggeration to say that for some students the presentation may end up being a life changing experience.”

Michael Bartley
Brunswick Secondary College

“Sensational message and very important for our young men to hear in an effort to change the culture of our society. I would highly recommend the presentation to others.”

Matthew Hosking
Rosehill Secondary College

“Ben delivered a presentation that was both harrowing and thought provoking.

During the first half, Ben told the story of other Australians affected by gratuitous violence and easily held the attention of students. However, when he told his own story, the boys were enthralled.

Overall, Ben's message is one that deserves to be told to and heard by as many young people as possible."

Nik Brudenell
St Bernard's College