The Step Back Think team works hard to change the culture surrounding social violence. Our campaigns and supporters are our best chance to spread our anti-violence message.

Lace Up

Step Back Think’s Lace Up campaign raises awareness about social violence by encouraging Australian sporting clubs of all codes, levels and ages to show their commitment to ending social violence by wearing orange laces during Lace Up Week and participating in an education program.

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Stamp Out Violence

On the first weekend of Summer, December 2016, thousands of nightclub patrons wore a stamp on their fists to honour Joshua Hardy, killed in an act of social violence at the age of 21. The stamp served as a powerful reminder that #aFistLikeThis can destroy lives.

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Campaign Archive:

Lace Up Against Social Violence 2015
Nobody Deserves It 2013 (please be aware that the linked video contains images that may cause distress)