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#KeepYourShirtOn this summer & Step Back, Think.

MR SHIRTS join Step Back Think urging men to #KeepYourShirtOn this summer.

Australians are being urged to ‘Keep your Shirt On’ (KYSO), and publicly say no to alcohol-fuelled street violence in a nationwide community initiative, launched today by premium shirt e-tailer, MR SHIRTS.COM.

Statistics show the number of assaults peaks in the spring and summer months of October to February. In 2013, 294,000 males were victims of physical assault; that is 3 times the capacity of ANZ Stadium. Even more alarming 54% were assaulted by a stranger, 67% assaulted by someone under the influence. With assault growing at a rate of 5%; four times the growth of the Australian population – it’s time to take a stand.

“It’s only through awareness & conversations that we can begin to address this serious issue. All I ask is that Australia takes 90 seconds to pledge their support by signing our online petition and share the KYSO message via social media. If we can reach 2 million Australians and in turn they share with 10 friends, colleagues or mates - we can touch the entire country and begin the process of prevention” says Chris Buchanan, CEO and Founder of Mr Shirts.

KYSO has been developed by MR SHIRTS in collaboration with Australian charity, Step Back Think. KYSO is calling on Australians to take a stand against street violence, seeking 100,000 champions to sign an online petition by Boxing Day; calling on the Australians government to fund education & awareness programs around the serious consequences of assault. For more information visit:

Step Back Think has the same national vision as KYSO. Stemming from firsthand experiences of alcohol fuelled street violence, Step Back Think and its education programs have encouraged young people to step back and think of the catastrophic effects of throwing a punch. Taking one moment to collect yourself, cool down and keep your shirt on could be the vital thing that saves a life,” says Hugh Van Cuylenburg, CEO of Step Back Think.

The KYSO mission is to engage Australians in a conversation that brings awareness to behaviours; and challenges beliefs about what it means to be a man. This festive season, if you find yourself in situation, all I ask is that you step back, think & keep your shirt on.

KYSO coincides with Step Back Think’s NOBODY DESERVES IT summer campaign. For more information click here.