Nobody Deserves It Campaign

Young males are urged to reflect upon the wrongful justification and glorification of social violence this summer in an awareness campaign, entitled NOBODY DESERVES IT, which aims to proactively prevent violence occurring.

Step Back Think (SBT) have made predictions based on previous data that reveals the devastating aftermath of the summer holiday season. It is predicted that from December through January; there will be over 5,000 assaults in Victoria alone, over 1000 of which will result in hospitalisations for brain injury and 3 of which will result in death.

Of these victims 65% do not return to pre-injury function, 1 in 3 will require assistance with basic everyday needs for the rest of their life and 50% will not return to employment.

An overwhelming majority of those involved, both victim and perpetrator, will be male.

It is estimated that humans make up to 35,000 conscious decisions each day.

It takes only one of these decisions to change an individual’s, a friendship groups, or a family’s life indefinitely.

Our NOBODY DESERVES IT campaign is designed to be a pre-emptive reach-out to young males, in an effort to stop violence occurring before the devastating aftermath is realsied.

By showing young men the immense impact of a single poor decision and discredit the excuses that glorify the negative consequences, we are able to reinforce and encourage positive decision-making that will work to decrease the number of violent incidents occurring in our street this summer.

The campaign is led by a video created with ambassadors Scott Dooley and Urthboy. The video looks at CCTV and publicly filmed footage that has been presented on You Tube of fights and one-punch incidents.

Urthboy and Scott Dooley, are shown the footage and their genuine candid responses are recorded and used to juxtapose and highlight the appalling nature of the violence. To watch and share the video click here.

This summer, we are calling out to young men to step back and think, and recognize that NOBODY DESERVES IT.

To show your support of the campaign and help us spread the message please share the video among your social media channels and look after your mates this summer and encourage them to walk away from a potentially violent situation.