Education Program Update

Our anti-violence message is for the youth. We want everyone to know the consequences a single punch can have without having to lose a friend to street violence. The change we hope for needs to start with young people.

Step Back Think is putting a lot of love and energy into building its school-talk program. As we work on expanding our capabilities we are constantly encouraged by requests to speak at schools about our experience and our aims for the future of Step Back Think. To affect the thoughts and behaviours of students in regards to street violence is at the heart of our mission and we’re excited to formalise the program and strengthen our abilities to communicate our message.

Without the youth there’d be no future so let’s get smarter about how we behave and let’s do it quick smart. Most of us know right from wrong and are aware that recklessly throwing a punch that could potentially end a life is wrong… we just need to remember not to forget, which people often do in the heat of the moment or when alcohol is involved. Working together, we can change this.