Just Think Geelong

Just Think, Cats v Hawks, Easter Monday

It’s been a crazy-busy few weeks as we’ve worked to pull together what is sure to be an event of epic proportions tomorrow.

For the Just Think match – Geelong v Hawthorn, document.write(" Easter Monday – Geelong players will sport orange warm up guernseys, Just Think socks and orange laces. And you can expect to spot a few orange-speckled Hawks too.

The goal? To stimulate conversation and generate awareness about the dangers of street violence. By creating this sea of orange, we hope to get people chatting about and reflecting on why this issue is so important.

We're pretty sure we've come close to breaking Twitter with all the enthusiastic tweeting and mad retweeting of the messages of support from people like James Kelly, Josh Gibson, Lil Romano and the tweeters of the Geelong Advertiser. We’ve tied several brains in knots trying to nail the Just Think Rubik's Cube and we’ve been enjoying some sweet airtime on radio stations across the city over the past week.

And it all culminates tomorrow in a bright orange-coloured stand against street violence. Step Back Think offers its endless thanks to everyone who has been involved so far and jumped behind the cause.

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