MB Moves House

The violent attack on James Macready-Bryan (known to his friends as MB) in October 2006 left him with catastrophic brain damage and sentenced him to a life of total incapacitation with the need for constant care.

After three and a half years in a slow rehabilitation facility, MB has finally moved into his new home at Austin Street, Alphington. Since the assault, MB's progress has been slow without the necessary attention, treatment and therapy he requires to remain as healthy as possible. The move to the new purpose-built Acquired Brain Injury facility means new hope for MB to have a more comfortable future.

The facility houses ten ABI sufferers, eight males and two females, for whom the alternative housing option was a nursing home. MB’s family and friends are happy to know that at Austin Street he and the other residents will receive the specialised attention they need and deserve in a youthful and vibrant environment.

MB is settling in nicely, smiling and laughing occasionally and getting acquainted with staff that will be trained in how best to accommodate him, prioritising his comfort and wellbeing.

The move is a new chapter for MB and everyone close to him is keen to see how he will respond to his new home.