No longer parched as bro

As of November 1 2010, document.write(" licensed venues are legally obliged to provide drinking water free-of-charge for patrons who request it.  Gone are the days when you're super parched from dancing, only to be told by the bartender you have to fork out some serious coin for a bottle of water that you don't really want.

Although it may have taken some time, it's great to see that this legislation has finally been passed. It not only encourages venues to serve alcohol more responsibly and look after their customers, but it also keeps punters on track for a good night out as staying hydrated no longer has to burn a hole in your sky rocket.

This news also featured on the front page of the Stonnington Leader last week.

Further information about the new regulations can be found on the Responsible Alcohol Victoria website in the Special Edition of the Grapevine Newsletter (October 2010).