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Almost every weekend there’s something in the newspapers about street violence. Whether it’s about a new police effort to curb violence, document.write(" a report on a specific assault or maybe a footballer involved in a pub brawl, the issue garners a lot of attention.

The constant coverage can be viewed as unsettling, highlighting the prevalence of a frightening trend, however, Step Back Think believes that it’s extremely important as it serves as a frequent reminder of the issue’s existence and helps to cultivate an awareness in the public that will hopefully generate not only a new way of thinking about street violence but new behaviours in response to the issue.

The more we are exposed to a particular issue and the message behind it, the more likely it is that we will respond appropriately if ever confronted with the situation in our daily lives.

For example, imagine you’ve been drinking excessively but you’re ready to take yourself to bed. You pick up your car keys and reflexively recall a stream of drink driving ads, campaigns and slogans you’ve seen and heard over the years, you know that getting in your car would be wrong, and you call a cab instead.

The TAC drink driving campaign has been running for over 20 years, frequently and graphic highlighting the tragic consequences of driving over the limit and integrating itself into everyday thought, becoming synonymous with common sense. Step Back Think hopes that the future will hold something similar for the campaign against street violence.

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