Step Back Think at TEDxMelbourne

For those who are in tune with what’s hot, document.write("TED talk will be nothing new.

TED – which stands for technology, entertainment and design – centres itself around the mantra ideas worth spreading. Its online library features an amazing array of inspiring, fascinating, funny and emotive presentations.

TED licenses out its brand as TEDx to independently organised events around the world and this Saturday 20 November, Adam Jaffrey of Step Back Think will speak at a TEDxMelbourne event at the State Library of Victoria. Adam will speak about the origins of Step Back Think and how the group is working to tackle the issue of street violence.

TEDxMelbourne logo

This Saturday’s event is centred on the theme community and youth, a fantastic platform for Step Back Think to tell its story and spread its message. Creating awareness about the dangers of street violence has always been the key focus of Step Back Think, whose members believe that only through raising awareness can we become educated on the issue.

Tickets to the event have sold out but you can watch the day’s presentations via livestream (register here). Alternatively, here are a few other ways to be a part of the day.