Step Back Think Launches New Cultural Change Initiative

Guest speaker: Jacinta Studham

Senior Associate , Galbally & O’Bryan Lawyers, Bachelor of Arts (Criminal Justice Administration), Bachelor of Laws.

We cannot drive cultural change to end social violence on our own, that’s why we engage with experts from across the community to increase our understanding of the causes and consequences of social violence. Step Back Think’s new Cultural Change initiative invites guest speakers to share their perspective on the issue and provide practical insights from the field.

To kick off the initiative, Jacinta Studham from Galbally & O’Bryan Lawyers presented to the Step Back Think team to further our understanding of one-punch legislation and the laws surrounding social violence.

As a mother and a lawyer who frequently deals with social violence cases, Jacinta emphasised the importance of changing attitudes and educating young people before it’s too late.

The consequences of social violence can be life altering for both victims and perpetrators. It is sheer luck that separates offenders from getting a fine or a prison time because no one can predict how the punch will land or how the person will fall.

“Consider that every punch you throw is Russian roulette. You have no control over the outcome of the punch," said Jacinta.

Reflecting on Jacinta’s presentation, the team at Step Back Think walked away with new ways of thinking about violence prevention.

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