Stepping back to think about drinking.

When Step Back Think was first founded, its members were clear on the group’s position regarding alcohol and drinking behaviours, advocating safe drinking behaviour as a secondary message to our anti-violence focus.

We have come to realise, however, that street violence often does not exist without excessive drinking and vice versa, and that often it's almost impossible to examine and understand one behaviour, without also examining the other.

As an organisation campaigning against reckless, violent behaviour - while remaining unopposed to alcohol - we've come to understand the importance of clearly articulating our views on the issue of drinking...

  • Step Back Think does not advocate abstinence from alcohol. Step Back Think’s members are young people who enjoy a drink and understand the role it plays in the social lives of the majority of young adults. What we do advocate, however, is acknowledging and taking the time to examine and understand the dangerous correlation that exists between excessive drinking and violent behaviour, and what this can mean for individuals, friends and families.
  • Step Back Think stresses the importance of maintaining rationality when you are drinking and having the self awareness necessary to acknowledge the point where your behaviour may become threatening to your own safety and/or the safety of the people around you.
  • Step Back Think believes it’s important for friendship groups to establish a common view on the issue of fighting and a mutual understanding of its risks and potential consequences e.g. catastrophic brain injury. It’s extremely important to have this as a sober discussion, so that if a violent situation were to erupt during a night out, the issue will not be completely foreign to the group, hopefully making it easier for the less intoxicated friend/s to diffuse the situation.