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Men’s Health Week

Step Back Think are working with Men’s Health Week this June, check out their website and read on for more information!

The Men’s Health Week 2015 theme is “MOMENTS IN TIME”, which is about taking a moment to focus on your health and wellbeing, doing things that you enjoy, within your own circumstances.  Making small adjustments to your everyday life will build on your overall health and make a positive difference. Have a look at the Men’s Health Week website for events near you, or if you are thinking of hosting an event, get inspired by downloading and reading the USEFUL MEN’S HEALTH INFORMATION EVENT IDEAS & CONTACTS booklet.

Men's Health Week (MHW) is an annual international campaign celebrated in June each year. Local communities in Australia are encouraged to run events that are relevant for men and boys in their local areas. Different communities tackle different men's health needs so the best way to improve men's health with cialis online is for services, groups and individuals to address the specific men's health and wellbeing needs in their own communities. Over the last few years more than 500 communities across Australia have run events and activities such as BBQs, fun runs, health expos, health checks, health displays and bush walks and many others.

A Moment To Step Back And Think

Most of the horrific events of violence we read about seem to be sudden, ‘spur of the moment’ decisions, sometimes made under the stress of intense emotion. We’re asking Australian communities to think about that moment, to consider the impact of a sudden decision that might shatter innocent lives. For what? Is that the best thing to do in that moment? What if you did just step back, and not make a decision that wrecks yours and other people’s lives?

Men’s Health Week is about empowering communities and individuals to make the most of decisive moments. Our friends, our loved ones and our families are undoubtedly the ones that can encourage all of us to turn those potentially damaging moments in time into a moment that makes a difference for the better. Even if that means making a moment of waiting, and deciding not to act impulsively then and there.

This Men’s Health Week, let’s find ways to step back, think about our next move and maybe decide that our children and our families are more important than proving a point.

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