Partner Spotlight: Lexvoco


As excited as the Step Back Think team are to start 2016 guided by our new Strategic Plan and freshly recruited team,  we are equally as excited to shine a spotlight on our partner and honorary legal provider lexvoco.

lexvoco provide legal services to some of the biggest brands and organisations in Australia and globally. In 2015, they joined Step Back Think's campaign to end social violence in Australia, by offering pro-bono legal services across all commercial matters – from protection of our intellectual property, to fundraising initiatives and agreements.

lexvoco is a legal firm that provides a unique on call service of highly specialised lawyers. This allows Step Back Think to field a broad-spectrum of legal queries to one place; saving us time and subsequent funding.

Already lexvoco has proved instrumental in ensuring the smooth running of Step Back Think. To-date they have assisted Step Back Think with the drafting of employment contracts for our new team members, updating our trademark and a variety of new policies and procedures, such as Parental and Domestic Violence leave policies.

While they take care of all of this for us, we can get on with preventing social violence.

Step Back Think is a responsible organisation that actively protects the safety and wellbeing of donors, staff and partners. We are extremely grateful that lexvoco have been such a generous support in establishing these measures.

We look forward to continued collaboration in the journey toward a society free from social violence.

You can find out more about lexvoco by visiting the website: