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Tempers flare as summer heats up


Assaults among men and young people are tipped to rise as we enter the festive season.

VicHealth’s ‘Drinking cultures and social occasions’ report shows that the last working day before Christmas marks the beginning of a significant increase in police recorded assaults, emergency department visits and hospital admissions.

Step Back Think Research and Policy Manager, Dr Geoff Smith highlights that assault trends continue throughout summer.

“We know that the holiday season is correlated with increased social violence. More people are out and about, alcohol may have a role to play and when temperatures get hot – tempers fray.”

“Too many families are already without their loved ones this Christmas because of social violence”, said Dr Smith.

Over December 2016 to March 2017, Step Back Think’s Social Violence Register identified nine related deaths.

“It’s important we look after each other so we all come home safe to celebrate with our families and friends.”

With the ‘silly season’ in full swing, Step Back Think encourages all Australians to keep their cool.

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