VAFA donates $7,000.00 to Step Back Think

Step Back Think is set to receive a $7, document.write(" 000.00 donation from the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA). The VAFA is the largest football league across metropolitan Melbourne with 250 teams across 72 clubs.

The generous donation will help Step Back Think deliver educational presentations, awareness campaigns and industry research all aimed at changing the culture surrounding social violence in Australia. 

The VAFA is built on a strong foundation of core values and hopes to build a respectful and social atmosphere through practice of these values. The support the VAFA has shown to Step Back Think demonstrates their firm stance on violent behaviour, on and off the field.

‘The VAFA can play an important role in getting the Step Back Think message about the consequences of a violent split second decision and is delighted to be supporting the program,’ comments Michael Sholly, VAFA CEO, after the announcement.

Sholly explains, ‘the Step Back Think program is especially close to the VAFA as the program was borne out of an incident to one of our players, James Macready-Bryan. James was left with horrific injuries after a punch caused him to fall and hit his head on the pavement.’

Step Back Think look forward to working with the VAFA and their members in the future and building on the already strong connection the two organisations hold.

To find out more about the programs, campaigns and research Step Back Think conduct please visit and follow the organisation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@stepbackthink).


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