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Xavier lapping it up for Lace Up

Hundreds of students from Xavier College took to the field last week to run ‘100 laps’, document.write(" which equates to 33km around the school oval. The annual fundraiser hosted at Xavier College- Burke Hall Campus brings together boys from Years 5 to Year 8 on the last day of term to raise funds and awareness of social violence.

The idea behind the now iconic ‘100 laps’ event is to draw attention to Step Back Think’s message and raise money to support the us and JMB Foundation. House leaders helped to fundraise on the day and all classes at the Burke Hall Campus were invited to participate.

Assistant Year 8 Learning Leader, David Burke has been a long-time supporter of Step Back Think and encourages his students to embrace the message.

“We have supported Step Back Think and the JMB Foundation for many years now because it’s a good movement and important message”, said Mr Burke.

“Our school community is passionate about the issue because we want our boys to grow up into respectful young men and I want to teach them that there is no place for violence” he said.

Step Back Think thanks David and the students at Xavier College - Burke Hall for their community leadership and support. Together we can end social violence.