About us

Step Back Think is a pioneering not-for-profit organisation focused on the prevention of social violence. Our mission to drive cultural change to end social violence is guided by our three pillars: Education, Awareness, and Partnerships & Advocacy. We take a public health approach to the prevention of social violence by educating young people, raising awareness, and creating change at an institutional level.

Our Story

image-2We personally know the harm caused by senseless violence. Step Back Think was created by a group of friends after James Macready-Bryan, known to his friends and family as MB, was left with permanent brain damage when a stranger attacked him on his 20th birthday. The one-punch assault on MB shattered his future, taking away his ability to move, talk and eat. MB’s story serves as a permanent reminder of the devastating consequences of social violence. Since 2007, Step Back Think has grown from a youth- led committee into a not-for-profit organisation with a multidisciplinary Board and a talented and committed team. We honour where we came from and think big about where we’re going.

The Issue

We define social violence as interpersonal physical violence that occurs in a community setting. Such as pub brawls, assaults on the street and fights in the schoolyard.

We know that social violence is prevalent in the community, although it can often of unreported. Many instances of social violence result in serious injury and sometimes death.

The harms extend the health and psychological consequences for the victim, with far reaching social, legal and economic costs to the broader community.


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* The above statistics exclude instances of domestic/family violence.

Our Vision

A society free from social violence

Our Mission

To drive cultural change to end social violence

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Community
  • Empathy
  • Diversity
  • Equity

Our work

Our work is guided by our Strategic Plan and Monitoring and Evaluation Framework. Achieving our vision of ending social violence is a big task but we believe it’s worth making the effort, step by step.

Strategic Plan
Monitoring and Evaluation Framework