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Thanks Ted!

During the week Premier Ted Baillieu announced the Victorian Government will fund Step Back Think with $800,000 over the next …

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When to say when

Alcohol and violence are difficult issues to tackle through advertising. What approach is most effective? What imagery, words and calls to action will we remember when the 30 second commercial slot is over? NSW Health are on the right track.

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Election Promises – SBT Position Paper

With the election fast approaching, it is interesting to note the weight and importance each party lends to particular areas …

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No longer parched as bro

As of November 1 2010, licensed venues are legally obliged to provide drinking water free-of-charge for patrons who request it. …

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Step Back Think was the recipient of parliamentary kudos yesterday. Minister for the Respect Agenda, Justin Madden, congratulated the group …

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$50,000 food for think

Step Back Think has finalised its partnership with the Victorian Government’s Department of Community Development and Planning. In the coming …

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Free H20 bro… New legislation to hydrate your night!

On Tuesday 27 July 2010 the Victorian State Government introduced a bill to parliament to amend the Liquor Control Reform …


No Regrets

The No Regrets violence prevention program was designed to teach Year 9, 10 and 11 students in selected schools across …