The Fifth Annual JMB Cup

This past Saturday saw the fifth annual . A sea of orange socks suited the sunshine on yet another successful year of celebrating a sport that means so much to many young Australians and a cause that does too.

The 1st XVIII teams from Carey Baptist Grammar and Caulfield Grammar competed in a match surrounded by orange balloons, scarves, jelly beans and although ultimately unfavourable to Carey, even the scoreboard boasted the Step Back Think hue.

The James Macready-Bryan Foundation celebrates James’ passion for AFL annually. The cup also serves as a poignant reminder of the change in James’ physical abilities resulting from injuries sustained by his attack over six years ago.

Step Back Think members Josh Baldacchino and Hugh Raymond Stacy took the opportunity to announce the launch of the ‘Fair Play’; a community based initiative encouraging young people to “stick within the boundaries” both on and off the field.

We were thrilled to see such a great crowd filled with so many young people supporting a worthy cause. Thanks go out to Carey sports captains, James Davy and Jessica Hansen for their hard work and effort towards the JMB Cup.

Congratulations to the JMB Foundation for holding a fantastic day and of course to the Caulfield Grammar winners! We look forward to seeing Carey challenge next years’ team in an attempt to retrieve the title.

~ Zara Cooper

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