Permanent Hell: Life With a Traumatic Brain Injury

In Step Back Think’s most recent , Professor Andrew Kaye uses his experience as Head of Neurosurgery at The Royal Melbourne Hospital to explain the scientific effects of a traumatic brain injury.

Professor Kaye not only operated on James Macready-Bryan following the tragedy that served as the inspiration for Step Back Think, but in earlier years coached a young James on the football field.

With both a professional and personal connection to such tragedies, Andrew Kaye pinpoints the reason for the formation of Step Back Think; “It is the worst thing you can imagine, but it’s so bad most people can’t imagine it, and certainly most young people can’t imagine it, unless they’ve seen it”.

Between the 20th and the 24th of August, Step Back Think focuses on the physical fragility of the brain, the most important organ in our bodies, during ‘Traumatic Brain Injury Awareness Week’.

Youthful feelings of invincibility are at odds with the vulnerability of the human body. Via the platform of social media Step Back Think hopes to spread this message and perhaps make its audience more mindful of what they stand to lose.

Zara Cooper.

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